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Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning

Everything that's floating around us in the air and thrown around with the wind can find its way to your windows and cling to the glass. Car exhaust, pollen, smoke from your next door neighbors lawn mower, and general air pollution and likely candidates for ruining your good work, and your view.



You can buy a one-time service or set up a recurring window cleaning service. 

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A quick window frame cleaning is included to remove dirty water and drips. Frame detailing will be extra.

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It will be extra per window pane for windows with a lot calcium and hard water stains.

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Post construction window cleaning will be priced differently per window pane. 

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Let Us Clean Your Windows

We use a combination of the traditional window cleaning method and the water fed pole with a water-purification system that produces deionized water, allowing us to clean windows without having to squeegee the glass dry. Our water fed poles can reach up two stories high with our cleaning crew's feet on the ground.

Most of our window cleaning services are provided during the day because we get natural light from the sun and we can see better. 

We cannot use any ladders on exterior windows. Exteriors windows can only be cleaned with tools such as extension poles or the water fed pole.

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