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Disinfecting services

Get your facility professionally disinfected against SARS-CoV-2. We use cordless electrostatic disinfecting machines and an EPA approved disinfectant. With this technology we can disinfect large indoor spaces or areas with many surfaces. 

We are trained and certified by the Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC) to properly clean and disinfect for health.

How the process works

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We clean high touch  hard non-porous surfaces in the facility by removing oils, filth and dust.

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We protect any items/ areas with sheets of plastic such as kitchen utensils.  

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We disinfect the facility. 

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We reclean all the surfaces to remove any chemical residue.

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We do a walkthrough of the facility and put items back to the original location and any sheets of plastic are removed.

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How to prepare for this service...


Save computer work

Lock computers

Stack/ organize papers

Clear desks/ tables

Put food away


The science behind electrostatic

Electrostatic machines work by charging the antimicrobial liquid as it passes through a nozzle.  The positively charged antimicrobial droplets are attracted to negatively charged environmental surfaces allowing for improved coverage on hard, non-porous environmental surfaces. 

Our electrostatic machines cover the entire surface, including hard to reach areas, in less time and use less chemicals.

We use an EPA approved disinfectant with a contact time of 1 minute so the chemical will not dry before the contact time is achieved.

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