Home Renovation


Construction work creates a lot of dust and this dust settles in horizontal and vertical surfaces. However, some dust particles may remain airborne for hours, and some may never settle out of the air. Setting up dust barriers such as hanging plastics sheets from a wall are very ineffective at containing the dust in one area. This is because most construction dust is very small and can travel if the air is stirred by activity or pressure changes. Wind coming in from doors and windows will just make matters worse. Some of this dust is bad for your lungs such as silica dust. Facilities need professional cleaning equipment and a detailed cleaning after a renovation or remodel in order to be usable.

Building Under Construction


Dust is the main problem in post construction clean-up services. This is not a problem for us because we have advanced cleaning equipment that will remove all the dust from surfaces and out of the air.


Our services include air filtration equipment and backpack vacuums equipped with HEPA filters. The equipment is only part of the equation. Our cleaning crew will take care of the bigger dust particles that have settled in horizontal and vertical surfaces by wiping by hand using microfiber technology.


In our services we can clean items such as light fixtures, walls, blinds, air ducts, windows, furniture fabrics, and floors. 

Every customers needs, budgets and facilities are different. Therefore, each customer will need a custom quote.  

Other services we can provide you with are removing floor coverings, removing paint, removing adhesives, removing mud, removing tape, removing stickers on windows and on furniture. 

You can count on us for professional post construction clean-up services. We are confident our experience, training and advanced equipment will give you the dustless facility you desire.