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We Can Help After a Construction Job

We offer a full service post construction clean-up for new construction or renovated commercial facilities.

Before getting started

All post construction clean-up jobs need a in person walkthrough and a minimum of 7 days to schedule. We also require a prepayment of 35%

What's included?

This is what is included in a typical service but it can be changed to meet your needs!

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Light trash removal

Tape removal

Dusting horizontal surfaces

Dusting vertical surfaces

Removal of mud, paint, adhesive 

Window sills

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Door thresholds 

Up to 4 glass panes

High dusting


Interior of cabinets, drawers 



Every customer's needs will be different. Here are some common extras.

Trash Removal

This includes floor protectors, window protectors, plastic curtains, wood, plastic, cardboard and other light trash. Trash hauling is not included. 


Window Cleaning

Exterior windows can be cleaned at the first floor and interior windows can be cleaned up to the second floor. Windows can be cleaned inside and out or just on one side. Windows with a lot of paint, mud, and concrete will increase the price. Window frames are included.


Your satisfaction

Some dust particles may remain airborne for hours, and some may never settle out of the air. Dust can easily be stirred by just walking and opening doors.   

To make sure your facility stays clean even after the service we use a powerful filter to filter the indoor air. Our vacuums are also equipped with great filters called HEPA. 

Let's discuss your needs

Every customer's needs, budgets and facilities are different. Therefore, each customer will need a custom quote.  

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