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General Terms and Conditions

These general terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms and Conditions”) are supplementary to the Service Agreement which you, the Customer, may sign with Cleaning Crew Go (the “Company”). Any term which is not defined here, will be defined in the  Service Agreement. 

1. GUARANTEE and Refunds for non-satisfaction
a. Company strives to provide quality commercial cleaning services. If th
e Customer is not satisfied with the Services, the Customer must report the same within twenty-four (24) hours commencing from the approximate service completion time of such service along with pictures illustrating the deficiency in services performed. Company will send another cleaning crew to perform the Service or have the same cleaning crew go back and re-clean any areas or items which were missed, or which need to be re-cleaned at no extra charge to the Customer.
b. To be eligible for a refund, the Customer must notify the Company within the time period mentioned in the foregoing section.
c. Refunds shall be issued after inspecting the evidence provided by the Customer corroborating their claims for refunds.

d. Company will issue a refund back to the original payment method of the Customer. The refund disbursal may take up to one (1) month.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, Real estate agents and property management companies may notify the Company within 72 hours commencing from the approximate service completion time to be eligible for a refund.

2. Tentative Timings
a. One-time Services are normally provided during normal business hours between 8am - 5pm. Recurring Services are normally provided after business hours between 5pm - 1am. The times for rendering service are approximations. The Parties shall fix the times for provision and availing the Services. The Parties shall strive to reasonably adhere to the agreed upon times.
b. The Parties shall notify each other beforehand if the need to reschedule the Services arises.
c. The timings for provision of Services shall be specified in the Documents and are subject to change.


3. Restroom Supplies
Company will order and deliver any restroom supplies as needed on Customer’s behalf. Company will manage Customer’s inventory (with respect to restroom supplies). Deliveries are made as needed with a minimum order of $50 per delivery is required for free shipping. If orders are below $50, delivery charges will apply and be included in the Invoice. Restroom supplies will be automatically charged to the Customer's selected payment method. Customer will receive an email receipt. The prices will be available at the Company’s website. Company reserves the right to update the pricing for the products from time to time without further notice to Customer. Customer may cancel orders for restroom supplies at any time. Company currently provides the following list (non-exhaustive) of restroom supplies (in alphabetical order): ​Air freshener, hand soap (foam), hand soap (liquid), household paper towels, paper towels, toilet paper, toilet seat covers, trash bags, urinal floor mats, urinal screens, and waxed liners bags. Company manages Customer’s restroom supplies by first doing an in-person walkthrough of Customer’s Service Address(es) to ascertain which restroom supplies are required and accordingly create a restroom supplies list.


4. Customer Responsibilities
a. The Customer shall adhere to the following terms:
i. The Customer must notify the Company of any update in their address, phone number, email, access to Service Address(es), plumbing issues, electrical issues, and any safety hazard immediately. Failure of provision of notification shall constitute a waiver by Customer of any defense based on failure to receive any notice.
ii. The Company may deliver notices to Customer at the most recent email, telephone, or address provided, and those notices shall be considered valid even if the Customer no longer maintains the email account, telephone number, or receive mail at that address unless Customer provides the Company updated contact information.
iii. The Customer will not block the main path to the dumpster or to our equipment if applicable.
iv. Customer will leave all doors to private offices and other rooms in your Service Address open if Customer would like the Company to provide Services to those areas. It is preferred by the Company to be provided with a master key to the Service Addresses.
v. It is understood and agreed that if restroom supplies are not selected in these Terms and Conditions, the Customer will be responsible for buying all restroom supplies for your Service Address(es). The Company is not responsible for notifying the Customer when restroom products are running low.


5. Quality Inspection
The Company may perform surprise inspections to ensure quality of Services. The Customer shall notify the Company if they require prior notice for surprise inspections. Company may request the Cleaning Crew to send pictures and videos of the Customer’s Service Address. You hereby through this reference authorize us to take pictures and videos of the Customer’s Service Address solely for the purpose of quality control.


6. Service Address Access
It is the Customer's sole responsibility to provide the needed keys, door codes, alarm codes, lockbox codes, remote controls and any other information or key in order to access the Service Address(es). The Customer shall promptly notify the Company (in writing or by call) if changes are made to the Service Address which may hinder the ability of the Company to access the Service Address(es) for provision of the Services.


7. Fraud, Misuse, Abuse and Suspicious Activities
If Company discovers evidence of fraud, misuse, abuse, or suspicious activity, Company will investigate and determine such fraud, misuse, abuse, or suspicious activity. The Company may take (including without limits) legal action, claim damages, litigation costs and avail other remedies available in law against the Customer. The Company may suspend or cancel service without restrictions, and without prior written notice. Company may utilize a collection agency to secure any remaining balance owed by Customer after service cancellation.


8. Modifications
These Terms and Conditions are subject to change and may be modified unilaterally by the Company by giving a prior written notice to the Customer. Such notice of changes to these Terms and Conditions may be sent to the Customer’s email provided to the Company. All changes to these Terms and Conditions shall be effective after 30 days commencing from the date of such notice to the Customer. When you continue to use the Company’s services after notification of any modifications to these Terms and Conditions shall mean acceptance of those modifications, and those modifications shall apply to your continued use of the Company’s services. Your use of the Company’s services is subject to these Terms and Conditions in effect at the time of such use.


9. Late Fee, Rescheduling, Cancellation of Services and Refunds
a. Fee Schedule


b. Other late fee terms and conditions
i. Any interests that have accrued during a period of one month will be emailed or mailed to the Customer and Late fees will be automatically charged to Customer’s payment method.
ii. One-time Services: In order to avoid late fees, the Customer shall pay all amounts for Services on the same day the Service is rendered but no later than the due date of the invoice raised for such Service. Failure to pay any amount due to the Company on time shall constitute a material violation of the terms of these Terms and Conditions. Any amount due to the Company is considered late after the due date of the invoice raised for such Services and any amount still due will be subject to late fees. 
iii. Recurring Services: In order to avoid late fees, the Customer shall pay the Monthly Service Charge by the Monthly Due Date or on the Due Date specified in the Invoice. Failure to pay any amount due to the Company in a timely manner shall constitute a material violation of the terms of these Terms and Conditions. Any late amounts due to the Company will be subject to late fees. 
iv. In the event the funds in the designated payment source are insufficient to cover Customer’s obligations, Customer agrees to submit payment of amounts owed to Company upon demand and through alternative means. Unless otherwise agreed upon, Company may charge any alternative payment method maintained by Company or Customer for the amounts due and owing without further notice to or approval from Customer.
v. Company will not accept partial payments, however, if Company does accept a partial payment it will be at Company’s sole discretion and if accepted Company will first apply it to late fees.
vi. If a Customer is receiving Services at multiple Service Address at any given time and if Customer does not pay amounts due for even one such Service Address, Company retains the right to cancel all Services at their sole discretion.
vii. Customer acknowledges that any late fees charged by Company are not to be considered as interest on debt or a finance charge and are a reasonable charge for the anticipated loss and cost to Company for late payment. If payment is not made in a timely manner, Company retains the right to suspend the Services until all amounts due to the Company are paid in full. If the Services are suspended for more than fifteen (15) days, the Company will automatically cancel all Services and these Terms and Conditions for default and recover all amounts owed here under.
viii. If at the close of business on the 15th day following the Paid Through Date, if the Monthly Service Charge or other charges still remain past due; it is acknowledged and agreed by the Customer that partial payments made to cure a default for non-payment of Service will not delay or stop service cancellation. The tender of partial payments, if accepted, shall not serve to waive, or avoid the legal effect of prior notices given to Customer for non-payment. Only full payment prior to the service cancellation date will stop Service cancellation.

c. Other Cancellation and Rescheduling Fee terms and conditions
i. In the event of cancellation, it is understood and agreed that Customer’s liability ​​for any Services, restroom supplies, taxes, shipping, and handling fees shall not be deemed waived, diminished, or extinguished prior to payment with respect to the same in full (this applies to Services rendered partially).
ii. The amounts refundable to the Customer shall be disbursed after subtracting applicable amounts including the Cancellation fee.
iii. Services cannot be rescheduled or cancelled upon the commencement of the Services and the Company shall not be liable to provide any refunds for the same.
iv. These Terms and Conditions shall be terminated upon the cancellation of Services by the Customer. These Terms and Conditions shall be deemed to be terminated if the Company is unavailable to provide Services on the rescheduled date and time at the discretion of the Company.
v. To cancel Recurring Services, Company shall not issue a full refund or partial refund for Monthly Service Charges in any case. If a Customer decides to cancel Recurring Services with a Commitment Period which has more than 31 days remaining; Company will charge an early cancellation fee as specified in the Documents.
vi. If applicable, the Company will schedule a pick-up day for any of our equipment left at the Service Address(es) of the Customer. The keys and any other property will be returned to Customer after the last service date or after the service end date. Company will return Customer’s property subject to Return Fee. 
vii. If applicable, early service cancellation fees must be paid no later than the service end date as specified. If the Customer reschedules the Services, additional charges may apply which will be included in the Invoice.
viii. Company will issue a full refund if any payment was made to Company and no Service was rendered if a written request for a refund is made by the Customer within thirty (30) days post the scheduled date of non-performed Services.
ix. The Customer may place a hold on the performance of the Services for up to fifteen (15) days free of charge. Additional charges will be levied if the Customer puts the Services on hold for more than fifteen (15) days upon the resumption of the Services. The Company reserves the right to terminate these Terms and Conditions if the Customer does not request resumption of Services within fifteen (15) days of putting the Services on hold.
x. These Terms and Conditions will be terminated by the Company if the Customer materially breaches the terms of these Terms and Conditions. Either Party hereto shall have the right to terminate these Terms and Conditions forthwith by written notice to the other Party if the other Party is declared insolvent or bankrupt by a court of competent jurisdiction.

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